I had a lovely day, and I am happy.

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Battles, Michael vs Rory (Taken with Instagram at The Nosh Pit)

Battles with Chris, Michael, and Kyle (Taken with Instagram at The Nosh Pit)

Today is the presentation of my last assignment, also the last time I ever have to do Graphic Design as an elective at University. Congratulations to me!

Postergirl Photographics is run by my amazing friend, Melissa Vanderhorst. I couldn’t be more proud to see the direction in which her work has taken over the last two years. Click on the picture and check her website out.

In an attempt to become more creative I want to start a series of photographs called “My House”, but I can’t do it without your help. Message me the names of random things I should own and I will attempt to shoot them in the most creative way possible.

Fuck life.

First time playing around with Photoshop CS6.

I don’t eat lamb so I decided to appropriate the ‘Helvetica Kebab’ to suit my own palette.

Funniest thing I have read in a long time.