Photo flashback from 2011.

In three days I have eaten a regular fries from McDonald’s, a slice of lasagna, and a slice of pizza. I’ve cried out the entirety of my body’s liquid content, while also having to deal with my parent’s in house ‘divorce’, my Mother’s smashed iPhone, contemplating hanging myself, and feeling abandoned. I’d love nothing more than to slip into a coma, not that anyone would notice. Bye.


And every part of me feels like I’m doing something wrong.

I’m lying on my bed watching American Psycho while scraping ice cream from a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Triple Caramel Crunch as it slowly melts in my hand. I give zero fucks right now, and it shows.

Thank you to everyone whom has liked or reblogged my photo.

Mitochondria¬†produce energy for various parts of the body and I can’t do anything right.

I look sad and dead.

I should not have access to the internet while drinking because I just bought a red satin fan print dress and it is really cute but I don’t have money, thank you PayPal. N0 reGr3t$!

Here is a strategically composed image of my dinner. 

I’d really like to dye my hair deep purple but apart from having to buy four bottles just to cover my length I know I will probably regret it.¬†

Today was the best and worst day of TAFE thus far. After sitting a 30 minute maths exam I was told to go home because it was unnecessary for me to complete the afternoon experiment with my competency levels. I wish I didn’t get out of bed.