Thank you for the tornado of (six) people that started following me, mucho appreciato.
Update: Seven.

I’m so lucky.

Punch me in the face, please.

One day I’m going to leave and never come back. It’s just a matter of time. You’re a sparrow, and I’ve crushed you in the depths of my palm.

Trying to order pizza for my family + my brother’s two friends turned into a fucking nightmare and now I’m feeling overwhelmed. 

Every day for the last two months my brother’s friends have occupied my house and I’m not sure whether I’m happy that he finally has a decent social life or slightly jealous that his social life over eight weeks exceeds my accumulated social life from the last five years. 

So much homework, so little stimulation. 

The sky is falling and I hope it crushes me. 

Early onset of ‘I want to be left alone’ syndrome. 

I completed my first three assignments (which I received yesterday) and they aren’t due until the end of October. Now I can spend more time studying chemistry and attempt the planning for my gas-chromatography report. 

My Mum’s having an operation on Monday, which means she will be off work for almost two months. I hope everything goes accordingly and that she isn’t in too much pain once arriving home. 

My lips look good.

I’ve got trouble, trouble, trouble always knockin’ at my door. 

I have the house to myself and I can’t decide between doing homework or watching television shows all night. I did buy therapeutic bath salts on Thursday, maybe I’ll take a bath. Bath. BaTh. Baah. Baaaaah.